Bee Hive Golden Corn Syrup
Hockey Picture Promotion 1934-1968

“They used to have Bee Hive Corn Syrup and I collected the labels. If you sent away for them you would get a picture of the hockey player of your choice. They were nice pictures, and a pretty good size, about six by four. I’d say I did pretty well collecting those labels out of people’s garbage on my delivery route. With only 120 players in the league, I had 180 pictures.

… when we made our first trip to Toronto, the guy who used to take photos for the Bee Hive Corn Syrup cards had me pose for my very first card. While I was there I looked around and asked: ‘Is this where Syl Apps and those guys have their pictures taken?’ He replied ‘Yes,’ and I said, ‘Then you won’t have to ask me to smile!’”

Gordie Howe in And… Howe!: An Authorized Biography